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GoParts goes live!

GoParts goes live!

Our GoParts Reseller platform is now live! GoParts is a platform made by independents for independents to ensure you get a competitive advantage against the bigger companies. It’s the place where you start your weekly stock buy, with offers that are only available to resellers at prices that the big brands can’t compete with. We’ll have a new deal every week ready for you 12noon AEST on Monday and the stock will be available until 12noon AEST Thursday or until it sells out.

How it works:

1. We’ll add a new incredible deal every Monday AEST 12noon. This will be a popular auto part, an incredible deal or something your customers want.

2. You choose your quantity, purchase and check out like you’d normally online shop. Unfortunately due to demand these are purchase only, not on account.

3.Parts are available until Thursday 12noon AEST each week or until sold out.

4. All parts are shipped on Friday from Melbourne Metro, and will get to you from same day to the following Monday/Tuesday depending on your location.

5. Then we do it all again!

Get in touch via email at and get set for great deals with GoParts.